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We offer high quality Painting & Decorating services, from raw materials to high finish. We achieve the best results by having a good knowledge about materials, doing all the operations required and having an excellent attention to details. Working clean and tidy is most.


Do you need a bigger house but on the same address ? Safe Building is here to help you. We are doing loft conversions, extensions, full refurbishments and any kind of building services! But if you have no budget of doing all that at once, let’s start bit by bit ! For us, no job is too small, so we are also doing bathroom refurbishments, kitchen installation, painting & decorating, etc


We are able to offer Professionals Hire Services. We have Painters & Decorators, Plasterers, GroundWorkers, Labours and any skilled operatives you need which can be hired on day work. The maximum of people to be hired is 50 people. All our workforce has cscs cards, professional tools and high experience. Our succes is by having people we have used for a long time, and anyone who comes new in our teams should have good recommendations. Also, we offer supervisors who ensure that our reputation is maintained by organizing, advising and monitoring the workers we provide.


Ground work is one of our best side. Having fully qualified supervisors and managers ( SMSTS, SSTS, First Aider ), but also using skilled, experienced and qualified operators, we are ensuring that every bit of work is done well, with no headache and, the most important, Incident and Injuries Free.  By contracting us, you have the peace of mind that the job goes well, quick, and in a safe manner. We can provide up to 35 operatives and 5 Supervisors


Should you need a professional team of tilers for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can have the job on sqm, or an a day rate basis.

Bathroom installation

From existing bathrooms which need updated to new built blocks of flats which need bathrooms fitted, we are capable to take the job. Using skilled operatives, Gas safe Registered plumbers and approved electricians, we will do a bathroom refurbishment in no longer than 2-3 weeks, on the highest standards of quality.

Kitchen installation

From existing kitchens which need updated to new built blocks of flats which need kitchens fitted, we are capable to take the job. Using skilled operatives, Gas safe Registered plumbers and approved electricians, we will do a full kitchen refurbishment in no longer than 2-3 weeks, on the highest standards of quality.


We are able to do Cat A Fit out, taking jobs up to to 1,5 million. Our team of architects, Quantity Surveyors, Civil engineers, Project managers- will ensure we deliver quality services, on time, on budget.


For many years, Safe Building have decorated homes, and their levels of skill, creativity and knowledge make them having great references from satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on being experts in the field of residential new build and refurbished.

From council houses to new built blocks of flats , we are capable of taking any project of residential  work. Whether it’s a small job  or a huge project (blocks of flats, students accommodation), we always maintain our reputation and deliver the same great services.

If you choose Safe Building, you are in safe hands!

Commercial Offices

Safe Building offers Fit out  and decorating services to commercial offices.
Quality, Safety and Minimum disruption are vitally important. By working with us you will find a reliable partner with excellent services and experienced team which will overcome your expectation.

When we are Painting & Decorating Comercial Offices, Quality, Health & Safety and Tidiness is vitally important.  We work around the curriculum to cause minimum disruption, doing night shifts and weekends mostly.
As we work nights, we leave the offices/communal areas clean and ready to use every morning. We use specific safety signs for any type hazard (wet paint, Dusty area, slippery surface,etc). We allways use plastic dust sheets, cotton dust sheets, carpet protectors,masking tape, to avoid the paint and dust getting on the floor, desks, computers, etc.

Working this way, you will have all the offices repainted, before your tenants will know!


We undertake Refurbishment contracts for  primary, secondary, further education and higher education schools and colleges. Our success in this sector results from our understanding  and strictly respecting Health&Safety standards. All our staff will receive a safe talk induction every morning, and we operate a ZERO tolerance for anyone who don’t adhere to our principles.

We will allways finish the project before the term time, by keeping our daily schedule. If we are behind, we bring maximum of skilled workers, and we work in two teams, 12 hours each team, 24 hours a day. We have allways finished in time, in some cases with a few hours before the opening term.

If we are working during term time, a special induction every morning is most. We set industry leading health and safety standards to keep building users safe. We do work weekends and night shifts when required. When lessons are taking place close by, we keep our noise levels down. We never leave any tools, ladders, unattented.

All the construction workers need to be DBS checked to be accepted on site.